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Little Geniuses Of The Renaissance

Silvia Plana is kindly sharing her brand new e-publication for CLIL Primary learners: Little Geniuses of The Renaissance.

The site is intended to be used in Arts and Crafts lessons with 11-year olds and it has taken Silvia three months to turn the skeleton and mindmap of her first draft into a real digital publication. She has risen up to the challenge while completing her Master's Degree Mondule on The Use of ICT and Web Resources for Primary Bilingual Education at University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.

The best way to find out what this artistic e-publication has to offer both CLIL teachers and students is to take a glimpse at the infographic below, which Silvia designed as her personal contribution to the collaborative @infoEDUgrafias educational project.

The adventure through the lives of child geniuses starts with Leonardo, portrayed as a kid in neat storyboard, which later in the e-publication becomes a video challenge.

Once the main character of the e-publication is introduced, Silvia leaves it to the learners to investigate and autonomously learn more about Da Vinci, thanks to an animated clip:

MichaelAngelo is also a character in this CLIL resource, introduced as a friend of Da Vinci's and as means to challenge learners to become sculptors for a day.

You are all invited to surf this CLIL e-publication and let Silvia know what you think, after listening to her own reflections after having had completed her learning journey:

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