lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

Stephen Wiltshire and the city

Have a look at the pictures below.
They come from

Do you recognise any landmarks?
Which cities are portrayed?
Have you ever been to any of them? Did you enjoy your visit?
If you haven't, would you like to go? Why/Why not?

Now, watch the film below:

Is there anything that you regard as special about Stephen Wiltshire?
What is Stephen’s personal philosophy on life? Do you agree with this philosophy?

Now, you are going to watch a short video about the daily life of Stephen Wiltshire. As you watch it, answer the following questions:

In what ways does Stephen behave in an autistic manner?

What does Annette, Stephen’s sister, say about his behaviour?

What are Stephen’s interests?

What does Annette think about her brother?

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